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My name is Zephyr Jericho, mostly known as Zephyr The Tiger. I am a White Tiger! I enjoy all sorts of music EXEPT FOR COUNTRY >:c I play a bunch of instruments, I'd say I'm pretty good at the violin and the piano c; and as you can see, I make a whole load of graphic designs! I usually respond quick, but I have a whole load of things to do outside of this business. I'm working on a load of projects to open through my little workshop (Zephyrs Workshop, INC.), so that a ton of people can benefit from it. Pick my brain!!! My brain is open for picking!!

I have a ton of experience working with certified professionals in fields of Teaching, Small Business, Radio Broadcasting, Television Broadcasting, Producing, Dance, Performance, Film Scoring, and much more.  I plan to offer little classes on how things work and how to get started in these areas of work, but for now I'll leave tips here and there in my blog for those who are interested.

Enough about me! Let's talk about my fursona!

So, I've always had a thing for Tigers, and when I heard about the furry fandom and how you could make your own persona as one, I was like YES, DEFINITELY YES. So! I started working out what it would look like, but I got lazy and had this awesome artist do the work for me, WHICH I AM SOOO SOSOSOSO GRATEFUL FOR!! She is known on Instagram and Twitter as FaunButt, and if you've ever contacted her for a commission you'll know what i mean when I say, Her customer service is TOP-OF-THE-LINE. Period.

Never have I purchased something so smoothly, hopefully I can be just like that with my commissioners >.<

After all that happened, this is what I recieved:

Just Look at him! He's a fluffy boy!

This is what i put as his specs:

Name: Zephyr Jericho Height: 7’ 8” Gender: Male Species: White Tiger Fur: Very fluffy mane
- Pretty friendly - Loves hugs n cuddles - Would absolutely die for Folfies

Alright! Enough about me and my sona. So when I first joined the Furry fandom, I loved how kind and caring the people were. Ever since then, I've been wanting to make things for the fandom to use and enjoy, so that it makes it at least a little brighter for everyone, including myself, because thats what we all deserve. I started Zephyr's Workshop with one goal in mind: Creating beautiful, practical designs for the people of the Furry Fandom. Over the years, I've worked for marketing companies, and have learned tons about the area of design. I wanted to bring this art to the Furry community to enjoy and inspire others. 


My wide selection of services mean that Zephyr's Workshop is the one-stop-shop for all your design needs. From the initial e-mail and all the way through to the final product - I will work closely with you to deliver the results you are after.

freelance Graphics Designer

Video Editor

Website Designer

Crafted by Zephyr Jericho, made with love.

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